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Name Stickers - Personalized Name Label stickers

Personalized NAME LABELS for your child's clothing, toys and more! Waterproof! Microwave and Dishwasher safe! Name Labels are ideal for day care, field trips, summer camp & school. Protect your child's belongings with dishwasher safe personalized name stickers.

BUSINESS NAME STICKERS - Are you looking for inexpensive, personalized name stickers with your business name. They are the perfect solution. They are colorful and dishwasher safe. Use the to label office supplies and business products.

These waterproof Stick-On name stickers are just what you need. The name sticker were developed to help with the everyday household crises that come from kids leaving their stuff lying around or lending them to friends only to never see their belongings again. name sticker are a must.

  • Water Resistant and Dishwasher Safe
  • Printed with High res thermal transfer
  • Different style has different rotating images
  • Super adhesive so the label will stay on
  • Individual per-cut
  • Great for Kid's school, office, home, camping, dvds, cds, lunch boxes, cell phones... Just about anything you would like to label with your name on it.

Business cartoon name stickers

• Print with your logo & company name and stick them onto
your products to promote your branding or products.

• Replace the business card, stick them onto outpacking of products,not easy to lose , be convenient for the client to contact you

Personalized cartoon name stickers
• To stick it on your personal belongings like handphone, MP3, camera,
thumb drive and etc... A smart way to prevent from missing and easy to identify.(贴在重要物品 : 如手机 , MP3, 相机等 , 以免丢失 , 方便寻找失主 ! )
• Beside names, you can print with sentences like “Honey” “Baby”,
“Good Boy”or any creative sentences that you can think of.(除了姓名外 , 也可印上 " 乖宝宝 "," 亲爱的 " 等创意词句用做提示 . )

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