General Questions:

Can I select my own font?
Yes, you can select your own font. Please let us know when ordering which font you prefer and we will check if it is available. However, we advise the use of fonts such as Arial and Comics Sans as they are stronger and easier to read.

My name has 10 characters, but the maximum for small stickers is only 9, can I still go ahead with 10 characters?
We would not encourage squeezing 10 characters into the small stickers as words may be too small and the impact may be lost. However, if you do not mind having small words, we can do it, but using a font specified by us.

Can you print in other language such as Chinese or Korean?
We can print both in Chinese and English. You can mix the characters if you wish in a sticker. However, these are the only two languages available at the moment.

Can I choose only particular pictures that I like within a series?
Unfortunately, you cannot choose any picture. This is because each series comes with pre-designed pictures. For example, Snoopy comes with 104 pre-designed pictures, so if you are buying 40pcs set, you will get 40 different pictures. If you are buying 120pcs set, you will get 104 different pictures plus 16 repeating pictures. we sell roll by roll .

Can the contents be printed in other colours than black?
Currently, we can print only in black.

For other queries, please drop an email to, and we will respond to you shortly.

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